Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Displaying your Memories...

So I spent the day changing around some of my pictures and the frames. While I was trying to figure out where to put certain frames I found that I was really bored with just simply hanging pictures here and there. There was nothing fun or exciting about how they were displayed. So I thought I would give you all some fun ideas for hanging pictures.

A common mistake is hanging pictures too high. All pictures should be at eye level. If you are making a collage of pictures the centre of the collage should be at the eye level mark.

This gives the wall and art balance. Have you ever looked at a wall of photos and thought it looked a little odd? That was probably because the centre point was too high.

If you have a small wall that is empty but multiple frames you would like to display you could try a shelf. It is less busy than a collage and more fun than a single frame.

On a smaller wall you would place the shelf just below eye level in the centre of the wall. As well you can add a second shelf above it to make room for more frames. This adds more height to the display and makes the wall seem larger.

When you take the frames and place them on the shelves don't worry about them lining up or staggering them equally, try overlapping and using all different sizes and shapes. This makes the wall display more interesting.
If you are using the two shelf idea make sure the top third of the bottom shelf display is at eye level and place the second shelf a few inches above. A pro about using the shelf idea to is less nail holes :)

For larger walls you could stagger the shelves or use one long shelf. In this case try to stick to using the larger frames, don't get picture happy and clutter the shelf with fifteen little frames. This gets to busy. Here's a great example for a single long shelf.

If you have a larger wall that you would like to display some photos on you could try a collage. Find the centre of the wall at eye level and build around it. Use different size, colour or shape of frame, this adds excitement to the display.

Lastly, the tricky wall beside the stairs. This space is uneven and sloping, how do you hang pictures with out having the dreaded straight line of pictures slopping downward? Try the shelf idea, stagger two or three shelves at different levels on the wall. If you want a little more flare you can try a collage idea. The downward angle of the frames should match the downward angle of the stairs.

Place a few frames or different sizes at each level. Remember, when you are on the stairs the pictures beside you should be as close to eye level as possible. This will leave you with an interesting display and great balance on a tricky wall.

If you have ever gone shopping for frames you may find that they really are not that affordable if you want to hang a dozen or so pictures. Money saving ideas? Try Ikea, they have great prices and lots of different types. Walmart is also a good place. Home Sense has designer frames for cheap. Be careful though, you can get trapped in there for hours and plan to redesign every space in your home. Happy shopping.

Remember, the less uniform, the more interesting. Have fun hanging those pictures. 

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  1. Steph I LOVE this - such a perfect idea for a blog! I may take the pictures but when it comes to hanging them, I so lack originality! This has given me so many ideas! Can't wait to finish redoing my teeny living room! You are so creative!